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SGD 7,251.00

raised of SGD 8,000.00 goal

Nizar is a Founder of the beneficiary.

​It is indeed the  Season of GIVING, together with the blessed month of Rabiulawal , we will like to share our blessing with the less fortunate overseas.

While our primary mission is still to provide FREE Halal Meals to the less fortunate in Singapore, we are hoping to do same to our neighbours who are afflicted with extreme poverty.

In Bangladesh, it will be winter and while they need so many other resources, we felt that at the basic minimum we would provide them a warm meal on one particular Friday.

Similarly, we will distribute an equivalent amount of food to a village in Indonesia, close to Malang. ​The inhabitants of the village lives about 3 hours from Surabaya and are plagued with a hard life with minimal earnings.

Do spread the joy of love and compassion during this season.​

Whatever funds received in excess will either be chanelled to our local feeding programs or we can initiate further overseas feeding programs

Details of Distribution :

Date 22nd Dec 2017 - Friday

Country : Bangadesh

Area : Rohingya Refugee Camp

Partner : Local NGO

Qty : 2000 Cooked Meals

Meal Type : Rice + Chicken + Vegetables

Country : Indonesia

Area : Desa Ganjaran, Malang

Partner : Local Villagers

Qty : 2000 Cooked Meals

Meal Type : Rice + Chicken + Vegetables

Total Meals : 4000 Packts
Total Funds to Raise : $ 8000